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On South Padre Island

Destination - South Padre Island TEXAS
Destination South Padre RV Resort is a unique environmental reclamation project. Situated on the shore of Laguna Madre Bay, palm trees, flowering plants, breathtaking sunsets, bright blue tanks, 25-meter pool, and Texas hospitality greet guests.
Found at: http://www.destinationsouthpadre.com

South Padre Island, Cameron County Park System
The Cameron County Park System is a series of public parks located in Cameron County, South Texas. You can go birding, Camping, R.V. camping, sunbathing, dining, fishing and enjoying the beach.
Found at: http://www.spadre.com/parks.htm

In Port Isabel

Anchor Marina Park
in Port Isabel is home to 51 slips, 22 RV slots, a yacht harbor rental house, and a fleet of rental boats and charter yachts for pleasure cruises. We'll also be operating out of several docks on the Island this summer doing weekday and evening cruises on high end luxury yachts for small groups.
Found at http://www.anchormarinapark.com/

Del Mar Park
"We are located in Port Isabel at 109 Champion Ave. on the water and are member of the PI chamber. We are newly remodeled and have all underground services and new boat slips. We have large grassy areas between each lot and are very pet friendly. We have flowers blooming year round and have the making for a bird and butterfly friendly plant attraction and have Pelicans hanging out on the boat docks all winter. The dolphin watch and fishing captains will pick you up at my boat dock and we have great accommodations for sailboat owners. You gotta see this place. We mostly all sit around and get high with the winter Texans all day.....High on Life....!
Email: mikew@ies.net

If you are really into "roughing it", you can still park an RV or pitch a tent on the vast stretch of beach north of town, but be forewarned: They don't deliver pizza out there. A few precautions will help keep you unstuck and unhassled by the authorities:

  • Drive on the dark (wet) sand.
  • Don't pitch your tent in an area posted "No Trespassing"
  • Dispose of garbage and waste in an appropriate manner (i.e. bring it back with you).
  • Keep a close eye on your pet. The further north you go, the less traffic there is but there are no (posted) speed limits and drivers aren't going to be looking for your dog

If you should get stuck, don't panic. Someone will eventually come along willing to help unstick you -- if you are lucky they might do it for as little as a cold beer or two, but you may have to pay as much as $20 or more, depending on just how stuck you are (and how generous your rescuer is feeling).

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